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International School of Funabashi

Strategic Manegement Institution


About Funabashi

Funabashi, located in north chiba, has a population of over 6 million people. It continues today as a designated hub of quality on all sides, including: city planning, environment, health welfare and culture.


Close to the downtown Tokyo area, nearby Funabashi Station makes it possible to go to places such as Shinjuku, Akihabara and Ueno with no transfers (about a twenty minute ride).
Funabashi is part of the JR family of trains including 7 lines and 35 stations, subway services, and seven different bus routes, making getting around a breeze.

JR Funabashi Station

JR Funabashi Station

KEISEI Funabashi Station

KEISEI Funabashi Station

Surrounding Environment

Facing the ocean, Funabashi`s Seaside Park, called Sanbanze, is home to tideland which is famous for migratory birds. Also, one can collect seashells in the fall, go swimming in the summer and enjoy Funabashi`s great view of Mt. Fuji. Every summer, a firework festival is held in Funabashi`s Harbor Park.
As far as living facets, first off there is the Lalaport Shopping Center and an Ikea. Also many famous supermarkets, 100yen shops and restaurants; all costing less than Tokyo creating a city that is affordable and easy to adjust to.What`s more is the city council building is very close to school so applying for things such as alien registration is very convenient.

firework festival

Firework Festival




Funabashi Station North Exit

city council building

City Council Building

■International Interaction

Incorporating international exchange, Funabashi is the sister city of three other cities around the world that have similar culture, sports, etc. Of course you can interact with Japanese people and other people outside of the school`s international circle.

- America, California, Hayward
- Denmark, Odense
- China, Shiyan

Funabashi International Exchange Association

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